What kind of session would you prefer?

  • Traditional (poses featuring your belly in a studio setting, usually in black or white clothing)
  • Urban (city setting in a downtown area featuring buildings, brick walls, etc. // bright clothing colors, high fashion choices, modern make-up and hair)
  • Scenic (nature landscapes with trees, flowers, water, etc. // natural clothing tones, natural make-up, possibly even a fairy-tale like setting with a gauzy gown and flower crown, etc.)

All sessions except the traditional session will be held outdoors, weather permitting.  If an urban or scenic session is requested and the weather is severe (extreme wintertime cold, severe warm weather, etc.), an indoor location (not studio) will be offered.  Outdoor sessions can be rescheduled if weather decides to not cooperate :)

Regardless of what type of session you choose, BE COMFORTABLE!  As most pregnancies go, you're more than likely having plenty of time to feel not so hot and uncomfortable.  Use this session as the perfect reason to get pampered with new hair, makeup and a great new outfit!  If you don't feel comfortable, it will show in your photos.  This session is not only about your adorable belly, but it's also about YOU!  Make sure to look your best for it! :)



Nothing is more precious than your brand new bundle of love.I am honored to capture the most beautiful moments of their brand new life.

  • Whether the session is at your home or my studio, I want mom to RELAX.  If needed, dad/the other parent/family member is asked to assist or grab something.  If I have an assistant, both parents/all family should relax and just watch the fun of the session.
  • If you are wanting the adorably sqooshy poses of your baby all folded up, bundled, and sound asleep, it is imperative that we do the session as early in your little one's life as possible.  The older the baby is, the more alert they are, the more they move, and the harder it is to keep them still and/or asleep...which means it's harder to achieve those angelic poses.  Newborn sessions are best 5-10 days after birth to get the perfect shots.

Here are some great tips to help keep the baby cozy and happy during the session:

  • The most important thing you can do before your newborn session is to KEEP THE BABY AWAKE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!  If you are driving to the GCP studio for a session, don't worry--yes, the baby will sleep on the way over, and that is fine.  But try to keep them awake while you are still home.  If we're coming to you for a session, keep the little one from napping as best you can :)  When the baby naps beforehand, they are more likely stay awake during the session.  And when they are awake, there is a likelihood they will not stay in the cute little squishy poses parents love so much.  They also may be fussy, want to be held by mom, and just plain not want to be bothered with...all of which make baby very unhappy and will make them cry.  Some newborns are very calm if they're awake during the session, but honestly, most of them are not.
  • As your photographer, I love to capture your newborn's beauty and innocence with soft, muted tones.  I like to keep the baby's first session very simple, to keep the focus on their cuteness :)  I like to use creams, whites, light blues, light pinks, light yellows, etc., and keep things simple.  I'm a huge lover of color and vibrance, but for newborns, keeping it focused on their beautiful face, features and adorable fat rolls is the best choice.  I prefer to keep newborn sessions free of clutter, and I choose to work with very minimal additions such as blanket backdrops, tiny headbands or crowns, small hats, knitted pants, etc.  If you have any special requests, please let me know and we can discuss if they would be appropriate :)  Please also inquire if you are interested in lifestyle portraiture of your family with the newborn.
  • If you breastfeed, try to refrain from eating gassy foods during the 24-hours prior to the session (some veggies such as broccoli & cabbage, dairy, beans, etc.) to help keep the baby from getting a gassy belly.  The better they feel, the better they will sleep during their session.
  • I encourage you to take time before we start to feed the baby.  If he or she is well-fed and sleepy, they will be an absolute dream during their session and everything should go perfectly :)  If the baby is hungry and is fed before you arrive, that is just fine!  If you bottle feed at all, please bring some so if the baby awakens, the little one can be given a bit of milk if fussy, all while in position for photos.
  • Newborns are used to being very warm and hearing mama's heartbeat while in utero.  To help keep the baby at their most comfortable, I will either turn the heat up in the room (if at my studio), ask you to turn yours up if I come to your home, and/or use a space heater that will blow heat directly onto the baby.  Be prepared to drink lots of fluids, because you will probably get warm!  I also use an app on my iPhone that plays "white noise" sounds that mock the sounds they heard while in Mommy's belly.  Between the heat and the white noise, it helps keep the baby feeling very relaxed, helping to keep the session running smoothly.
  • Always expect baby to need time to be fed, changed, and EXPECT the baby to mess on my blankets--and I am perfectly ok with that!!  They are washed in Dreft before and after every session, and it's rare if a baby doesn't have an accident.  I do use waterproof baby pads, and when possible, I simply tuck the diaper under their bottom so it still protects if you are wanting the simple and beautiful "naked" poses.  I have a system for everything I do during the session, so please know it's honestly expected that accidents will happen :)
  • Sometimes the feedings, diaper changes, white noise & extra heat are still not enough to keep baby happy.  Sometimes all your little one wants is YOU.  Doesn't that make you feel even more loved?!  Sigh :)  Although that's the best feeling in the world for a new parent, it's not ideal during a newborn posing session.  If your baby hears you, smells you or simply senses that you are there and aren't happy that you aren't holding them, sometimes it's easier simply to leave the room for a short time.  That may sound harsh, but it seriously works.  Sometimes you going into the next room calms the baby down in seconds, and the session goes smoothly.  Once the baby is asleep or calm, you are more than happy to return :)
  • The most important thing of all during your baby's first session with Genna Cameron Photography is based on one word:  SAFETY.  Your baby's security, comfort and safety are my absolute number one priority during the entire session.  I am a degreed teacher, with extensive First Aid training for infants, and have dealt with newborns since I was 12 years old.  Even with qualifications, I will always ask if I may pick your child up to reposition them.
  • As parents, please take the time to enjoy this session.  Try not to stress if the baby is upset for a time, we will do all we can to calm them quickly :)  Your newborn will only have this session once, so make sure to take it all in, and RELAX :)

I know this was a lot of reading!  It's very important for a great session, so thank you for taking the time to take all this information in.  I'm so excited for our time together, it will be wonderful! <3