You should expect exactly what the name says--REAL LIFE.  These sessions are done at home.  Or the park.  Or an art studio.  Wherever you and your family LOVE to be!  You can plan an activity to do during the session (like reading books, decorating for the holidays, creating art, etc.), or just have GCP capture your family being yourselves, in the comfort of your own home on a lazy Saturday or Sunday.   You'd be surprised at how many gorgeous giggles and silly moments we will capture all while you just hang out, having a normal day with your favorite people :)

Part of the beauty of Real Life sessions is, you don't have to plan ahead.  No need to worry about them being cranky, or hungry.  They can get some snuggles and a snack with Mom or Dad, all while having it documented for you to cherish forever.

Have you ever been able to look at your own beautiful life from someone else's point of view?  Let us show you how amazing it is :)