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Why should we hire a birth photographer?

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When you think back on your child's entrance into this world, a rush of different emotions take over you.  You remember the joy & overwhelming love, and you probably remember the pain, maybe a bit of fear, and lots of anxious waiting for them to just be born already! :)

There are so many other moments that you probably forgot about, looking back on that special day.  Your partner or doula helping you breath through the contractions, rubbing your back or feet, getting you ice chips.  Your moments of laughter with the staff, the quiet moments to relax.  If you had all of those moments to look back on, it will have made that day all the more special.  To be able to look back on talking with family, making it through your contractions, and best of all, holding your brand new baby for the very first time....can you imagine the feeling of love and joy rushing back every time you got to re-live those moments through photographs?  You will ALWAYS have those with you.  They will always be a part of you & your child's story, and you can go back and revisit that day as often as you'd like, for the rest of your lives.  Can you imagine?

Genna Cameron Photography offers in-home and hospital live birth sessions, and is there for the duration of the entire birth.  Since births are so unpredictable, your birth session will always be first priority.  That means, if GCP has a session booked with another client but you go into labor, we will be on our way to you and other client sessions will be rescheduled for a later date.  We will stay to shoot for the duration of labor and delivery, and the level of modesty in the photos is always at your own personal discretion.  You will never be pressured or asked to show more or less than you are comfortable with.  GCP will stay with you and your family for up to one hour post-birth, to capture moments like meeting the siblings or grandparents, the first breastfeeding, skin-to-skin with the parents, or anything else you'd like photographed.

Giving birth to your child(ren) only happens once.
Invest in your child's birth story, k
eep the memories with you & your child forever.
Please visit for more information on Kristin!  She's an AMAZING doula that I've personally worked alongside during birth stories.  Kristin is emotional, physical & spiritual support for her clients during pregnancy, labor & delivery.  Having a doula is such wonderful support during this unforgettable time of your lives, and Kristin is truly gifted in her craft.

Please visit for information on live birth sessions, and please contact us if you have any questions!
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