Genna Cameron Photography | Twins' Halloween Costumes are right on Target!

Twins' Halloween Costumes are right on Target!

October 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

Ohhhh, yesterday.  It was one for the GCP history log--twin boys that I seriously adore (they're clients of mine, and I've also been their babysitter!), along with their awesome mama, ran around the Green, Ohio Target store with me in their amazing Halloween costumes.  They came ready to rock as Target employees!  Truth be told, we didn't get to stay nearly as long as I'd hoped, but the boys were anxious to get back home to see Dada :)  Still, it's hard to not have adorable photos if these two boys are included!  Mama had them in their Converse (they are serious collectors!), red shirts, khakis, homemade name tags, and they even had their own toddler-sized red & grey shopping carts.  It.  Was.  AWESOME.  I won't keep you any longer--you have to take a peek at our awesome Target trip!  If you love this blog post, please make sure to SHARE this on your Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram accounts, and make sure to hashtag #TargetTwins :)  Let's get this blog post viral, these two cuties need to be seen!  And showcasing our favorite store doesn't hurt, either ;)

Genna Cameron-Russell
Genna Cameron Photography


Stocking shelves never looked so cute!

Work break for some play time!
Rockin' their Chucks, even on work days!

Bye, Spot!



Cherellskelton Skelton(non-registered)
It sure is a joy watching these two happy boys grow u!! We don't live anywhere nearby and once again you've captured them perfectly!!
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