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Kyle and His Crew!

July 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sarah & I were meant to cross paths.  We met at one of our mutual favorite places (the historic Molly Stark in Canton, OH), and then we ran into each other again on Halloween--coincidentally my wedding day!  Since then, we've been friends on social media, and have kept in touch almost daily :)  I've come to deeply respect Sarah & what she does for others.  Not only is she an intervention specialist, she's also a caregiver to a very special kiddo named Kyle.  Through her social media outlets, the love she has for all of the children she cares for is incredible, especially her love for Kyle.  I asked her if I could meet with them and take some professional photos of the two of them together, and I am SO glad Kyle's mom came for the special afternoon we shared :)
Please take a moment to scroll through their blog feature and enjoy their session!

<3 Forever bonded <3
That smile could melt every heart!! :)  

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